TVH will buy your old parts from you

Do old parts litter the floors and shelves of your workshop? It costs you space to keep useless parts in your workshop. And money to have them scrapped. But there’s no reason to pay to get rid of them. Make money from them instead! TVH will buy your old parts from you.

Advantages of participating in this process:

  • you don't just save money; you actually earn money!
  • you contribute to a greener environment.
  • you strengthen the circular-economy culture.
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Which parts put money in your pocket?

TVH will pay you for your old, repairable parts. Why? We repair them and give them a new life.

This overview shows you which parts to collect. Either click on the image to enlarge it or click on the button below to see it on our website.
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Make the most of this opportunity 

Are you ready to make money and create more space in your workshop by just tidying up? Fill in the form ‘We buy your old parts and follow the simple procedure at the bottom of the form.

Email a list of your old, repairable parts to TVH will make you an offer. Does it look good? Send us an order confirmation. Let us know when everything is ready to go and we will arrange a free pickup.

What if you have a constant supply of old parts? Email us at We will deliver a free recycling container to make it even easier for you to collect everything.

How does the recycling container work?

TVH delivers a recycling container to your workplace, free of charge. Do you have an old, repairable part? Put it in the recycling box. Use the forms from TVH to keep track of what goes in.

When the container is full? Email your form to You’ll receive a price offer in return. Agree with it, let us know the dimensions and weight of the container and we will be by to pick it up. Better yet? We will drop off an empty recycling container at the same time. You’ll be able to keep collecting old parts and profiting from them.

The whole process is explained in the image on the right.

Interested? Contact us now:

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What happens to your old parts?

Your old parts are carefully repaired or reconditioned. Read more about it on our website or check out our Reconditioned parts’ brochure. You’ll find out exactly what reconditioned parts are, which quality tests they undergo and how to place an order.

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Do you have a question? Are you ready to wave goodbye to your old parts or machines? Please contact